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Travertine Step Repair – Stone Repair – Marble Repair

Travertine Step Repair in California   Sureshine recently completed a step repair. This step was broken by the impact of a large, heavy object. The break was compounded by the absence of  the right amount of setting material to support…
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Caring for your Marble Showers

This evening I met with a client that had a beautiful marble shower. It was only two years old though and had signs of soap scum and minerals on the surface but overall it was in good shape. I explained to my customer that it was too soon to need professional help but we settled on a price to restore the surface so she could start fresh with the correct maintenance procedures and hopefully get many years of life before needing my services again. After we complete the service her marble will never look so good!

Here are some great tips for taking care of porcelain surfaces

I know, this is a strange subject. I mean, who want to talk about toilets. Well no one likes to clean toilets, least of all me. We have developed some easy care procedures for porcelain sinks, shower tiles, counter tiles, toilets, and tubs that help to reduce water spotting, mineral build-up, and scale over time. These methods will not completely eliminate your need to clean your toilet but they will reduce the severity and increase the time that the surfaces will last between cleanings.